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My laptop hard drive failed a couple of months ago, and since replacing the drive and backing up from time machine I've been unable to sync my laptop iCal with my iPhone iCal. Some old appointments from before the hard drive failure (which have since been deleted on my laptop) keep appearing on my iphone after sync, even though they are not on laptop. But only some of them. I need to be able to enter appointments on either my iphone (while out & about) or on my laptop (when at home) and have them both combine when I sync. This used to work fine before the hard drive replacement.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), and iphone4s iOS5.1
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    More info: with further investigation, it looks like ical on the macbook pro is not syncing with icloud - have tried deleting and reinstalling icloud, have made sure I have all apropriate boxes checked, etc, but can't seem to fix it.

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    I'm having the same problem. My hard drive hasn't failed, but within the past couple of weeks my work iMac syncs just fine with iCloud, but my MacBook Pro at home doesn't sync.

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    OK. I have solved it for my computer:


    First need to make sure that in iCal (on the Mac laptop) an iCloud account is activated (under preferences/accounts), then need to select one of the iCloud calendars (any one of them, doesn't seem to matter which) as the default calendar (again under preferences/general). Need to do same on iphone, if this hasn't been done previously (I had already done this though).


    After that, any new appointments made on the laptop seem to appear on iCloud. To move over the old appointments, have to select each one individually and change the calendar from the 'on my mac' to the equivalent iCloud one (all the calendars have an iCloud duplicate).


    Still getting a couple of duplicates around invited & repeat appointments, but should resolve eventually once I start making all my appointments on the iCloud calendars.


    Cheers ;-)