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The remote was working fine yesterday evening. This morning it doesn't seem to work. Pressing the Menu button woke my Apple TV 2nd Gen from sleep and made the confirmation Beep noise but then would not do anything else. I tried pressing the right button just to move the curser over to see if it was a bit laggy. Sometimes when you wake it up from sleep you have to wait a few seconds for it to ketch up. The curser moved right ALL the way (as if it prossesed all my right commands) and that was the last time it did ANYTHING. The menu button makes a confirmation sound SOMETIMES and the light BLINKS when the sound is made like it is supposed to but then sometimes the light just goes OFF when I press it or any other botton. And then a few seconds later it comes  back on. I unpluged the Apple tv and plugged it back in. I did that againwithout internet and still nothing. I have been online and seen sometimes when the remote is unpaired but pressing the MENU and REWIND/BACK botton doesn't do anything because sometimes it registers the press and sometimes it doesn't, regardless it has never shown me the PAIRING picture. And again I am repeating myself, but when I press the pairing buttons the light on the apple tv just goes out for a few seconds and then comes back on. Not 6 seconds later. Its usually quicker then that, the longest was 10 seconds.


      As frustraiting as all of this is, I can still use the REMOTE app on my iphone or ipad to controll the APPLE tv and it works fine. My next step was going to go buy a new battery, its just frustraiting because the silver remote is so much more convenient to use. The Remote App works with Homesharing or something and doesn't always work. It might be my network setup too, because AIR PLAY doesn't always work. I always have to reset my wireless router to establish a connection again so my iphone or ipad can see the airvideo.


So does anyone have any idea what the heck is wrong with my remote?

AppleTV 2