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I know this is an old question but have come to learn another security flaw by Apple design. I'm currently traveling abroad, my laptop is two weeks away and recently my iPad was stolen. Now whether or not the thief was browsing my pass lock code from a distance or it was accessed prior to the pass lock going into effect, I don't know. I bought a new iPad a few days ago & wanting to login to iCloud so I could remote wipe the iPad (which was possible from MobileMe), I found that option no longer accessible. So everything syncs over iCloud - not completely true, I only got 2 of my most recent Notes (2 of about 20-30) & I've backed up at least twice since embarking on this trip. Question, what's the use of "Find my iPad" when you can't even access the software from another device, which also brings up the question, is access to that software, the iCloud account completely restricted to an iCloud enabled device/computer?

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