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I'm working on part of onboard computer software for cars, related to interoperation with iPhones and iPads. Right now my task is to figure out, if it is possible to install a DAEMON on iPhone, which will implement VNC-like server, which will interact ONLY with car's onboard computer. This software may or may not comply with appstore requirements, depending on Apple position.


I understand than this question should be addressed to apple tech specialists, but I cannot figure out how to contact them using Apple site.

I would appreciate it if somebody can tell me how to contact an Apple specialist, who can help me to solve the following problem:


My company needs some API for the following tasks:

  • catch screen updates and capture the updated rectangle without polling
  • be able to enumerate, scroll, push and drag visible NSViews of applications who agree to be remotely controlled(if allowed)
  • override iPhone screen orientation to that of the remote screen when connected(if allowed).
  • if possible, accept incoming calls and enforce sound redirection to airplay(to the car audio system for example)
  • Do all these tasks in background as a system service or as some part of system libraries(maybe using LD_PRELOAD)
  • iPhone or iPad must login via cable to avoid remote attacks on car's machinery, but after login it must be accessible via Wifi or bluetooth(maybe passengers on the back seats would play angry birds or to tell the car's owner "hey dude i'm your car being stolen!" while she/he/it is away). That means the (privileged) application must be able to establish WiFi connection on it's own

To sum it all, we need something like "veency" does, but without jailbreaking, with proprietary protocol, covered by NDAs and compatible only to car's onboard computer. It is OK if this the "server" will not allow to control all applications(due to security reasons, for example). Also, no data will be uploaded to iPhone or downloaded to car computer, except video materials available via AirPlay, screenshots or control messages.


Most of this functionality can be emulated using AirPlay, specialized app-store-compatible application, some of it is optional(WiFi connection), and some can be emulated by implementing yet another music/video player(not a good idea). However, I believe this extra functionality will be very useful not only for interoperation with iCar hardware, but for iHomes, iOffices and so on.


If there are Apple engineers on this forum, or anybody can give me an advice how to contact them, please reply here or to dleontev@luxoft.com



Thanks in advance,


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    I can tell you right now that you will never be able to modify the core OS.


    No way, no how.


    Regular apps only.

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    There is no intent to modify the OS. There is possibility to modify core libraries on jailbroken iPhone using LD_PRELOAD functionality to hook some functions. But this is not a good option.


    There are some tasks, like automatic integration of car sound system with iPhone, or interaction with music player/receiving calls while driving. I see no possibility to achieve this without remote control. The remote control may be implemented as set of named "buttons"(play,stop,send list of songs) - just like multimedia keyboard keys

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    No way, not ever.


    You can write an app that allows remote control by a car, throught whatever interface you support.


    This is a user-to-user support forum. There are no Apple engineers here. They are very easy to contact. Just open a developer support ticket.