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So I am having iCloud bookmark issues. The bookmarks on iCloud are incomplete and I can't get them to overwrite with clean ones. I have a Mac an iPhone 4 and iPad 3. I actually use both Firefox and Chrome as my default browsers and use X-Marks to sync my bookmarks between them and Safari so I can have the same bookmarks on my iOS devices, but though Safari has the correct bookmarks, iCloud does not. I have tried all the methods to clear the iCloud bookmarks, but can't get them clear (backed up my good Safari bookmarks then deleted them from Library and cleared bookmakrs from both iOS devices, and then waited a day and replaced the Safari bookmarks with the clean backup, and turn on the 2 iOS devices, but once again got the old bad set of bookmarks from iCloud.


My solution was to give up on iCloud bookmarks since there is no way to force an overwrite (i hear people can do it with 2 macs, but have trouble forcing overwrite with only one), but even there I am havingt issues.


I switched off Cloud bookmark sync on my iPad and iPhone (both iOS 5.1) and then tried syncing them directly to iTunes (have already given up on iCloud backup after being unable to restore to my new iPad from the cloud and having to go back to an old backup on my computer). The iPad gave me the option and I synced the bookmarks easily to my iPad, but within iTunes it still says that my iPhone is syncing over cloud and won't allow me to overwrite the bookmarks on my iPhone with the ones from my computer. What do I do? I have tried deleting the com.apple.iPod.plist, but that did not help, and I have done a hard reset on my iPhone.


Does anyone have any ideas. The only other thing I can think of is to try a full restore of my iPhone, but am always warry of that, as it never seems to restore just as it was, and I like how I have it setup right now.

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