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For the first time I've just had a piece of spam that alleges it's from 'Apple Store<customer.service@apple.com>' and is headed 'Update your Apple Billing Information On File'.


Other people may have had this for some time but Apple being used in this way is news to me.


The onscreen link that says it directs to store.apple.com in fact links to a URL in Italy that looks to be piggy-backed onto the Italian Rugby Federation website.


Just to mention what you probably already know, most spam is pretty obvious ('your account will be terminated if you don't click this link, etc. etc.'), but if you're in doubt or merely curious, mail programmes almost always allow you to inspect a message's raw source. Inspecting the html of the message will show you a link where the 'a href=' tag goes to the spammers' URL while the text that follows it indicates a completely different URL.