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Is there a way to find duplicates/triplicates of the exact same file, especially the master, in Aperture (and iPhoto and iMovie)?


I'm finding that the longer I have Aperture running (referenced files), seems the more duplicates I am having show up.


Ideas? Solutions?


Thanks so much



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You could try the Aperture Version of Duplicate Annihilator:

    http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/aperture/duplicateannihilatorapertureediti on.html


    There is also an iPhoto version of Duplicate Annihilator, but both programs are not free.

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    Texas_Man_Luvs_His_mac wrote:


    I'm finding that the longer I have Aperture running (referenced files), seems the more duplicates I am having show up.


    Ideas? Solutions?

    Hi Robert.  What is being duplicated, and what is causing the duplication?  Their presence indicates that your workflow needs to be changed, but without knowing what you do it's not possible to suggest solutions.

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    That's an excellent point, Kirby! The best way to deal with duplicates is to avoid them.


    But one of the problems might be, that the "Do not import duplicates" option simply does not work when importing from iPhoto.

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    thanks for the replies.


    I recently switched from a G5 to th newest macbook pro (circa last fall). I decided that the only option that would keep me running was storage and lots of it, since I dabble somewhat seriously in photos and videos over the last few years.


    I originally started with iPhoto, small digital camera on a simple G4 circa 2003 ish. Then I went to a used dual G5 around 2008 ish when I realized I was maxing out the old machine. But there was no going back. I like the interface, products, etc. I purchased Final Cut Express somewhere along the way, eventually got Aperture 2, and that really rocked my world. Put out some amaturish videos, but the family and I had so much fun. Relatives lined up for me to make videos...you probably know how that goes. Had to eventually put a stop to that, way too time intensive.


    Cancer hit in 2008, spent 8 months in the hospital and am a different man now. I am alive, grateful to be, but deal with a body that is physically tired and has some ongoing medical challenges.


    That leads me to the current.


    My oldest daughter graduated from high school in 2011. I purchased her a 15" macbook pro. I did that thinking that I knew a new system was in the near future for me as the IBM chipset was being phased out. I saw the future. Also, the G5 dual was slowing down and it had some odd things about eSata and FW800 that just didn't make for smooth sailing with external hard drives.


    I found out at first. I loved having a laptop. But I could not go without massive amounts of expandable storage. Just not an option. But I did discover that FW800 was reliable on her little laptop and that sort of opened doors for me to deal with storage issues.


    By now, photos spread between iPhoto, Aperture 2, FCX Videos, and her laptop.


    Well, graduation came and went and I had to relent on her laptop. I had just purchased Aperture 3 and was stunned at the amount of upgrades.


    That left me with an Ap3 library on her computer, too.


    Can y'all sort of get the drift where I'm going?


    I now have a G4 (still runs like a charm), a G5, I pulled all her stuff off her MBP and stored it on a new hard drive FW800.


    So what does a man who is insane do?


    I purchased the latest everything, spared no expense. Ugh, the pocket book hurts. Bad.


    But I have to say, Thunderbolt is everything it is cracked up to be. I have been stunned at the speed. I got the 12 TB station primarily as I don't want to keep purchasing this, that, and the other. I want to basically start taking the last 9-10 years of pictures, videos, files, and find a way to organize, clean up, consolidate, and so forth.


    Oh, being a redundancy FREAK, I did purchase a drobo and buffalo as random duplicate TM backups and other file backups, nothing more. The Drobo does do hot swapping and such well, but it is S-L-O-W.  Painfully so.


    The buffalo I had some problems with. Technical support was super and replaced the unit that didn't function. The newer model was rather speedy through ethernet. Not bad, so I put that thing to regular use for redundancy.


    I now have files spread out among various computers, large NAS externals, and multiple individual drives (FW800, USB, etc).


    Oh, I purchased the thunderbolt display too. That surprised me. Cut down on the number of wires and helped organize the physical lay out.


    As photography and such went from physical to digital, so did my camera and video. I went through a few video cameras, , digital cameras, and so forth as things evolved and I tried various formats. That leaves me with various digital formats, including 3G pics, newer iphone 4 and 4s pics/videos.


    As all this upgraded, so did iLife and ways to manage data.


    Not being a pro, I don't really know about "workflow". It is all fun for me. I did try me hand for a short while last year at a formal photography business, but found out being good at photoshopping pics and fairly decent at taking pics does not mean I would enjoy the "business" of photography. But what does one do at that point? Upgrade to a canon 7d and get a few nice lenses.


    My logic was hey, I need this infusion of IViG every 28 days to sustain my life/immune system (chemo destroyed my bone marrow) and this costs about $13,000 every 28 days. Insurance covers most, but bottom line, we were sudden spending about $10,000 a year cash out of pocket. I shut the business down a few weeks ago as I physically am too tired and can't stay focused. Chemo brain is a true phenomenon I have come to find out.


    So, after writing this small book to say that I am somehow trying to take the new way of doing things, fast external drive(s) with a laptop and TB display, and now try to clean up and consolidate this mess.


    There is redundandcy, a lot of lack of knowledge on my part, and the recent purchases have now allowed me to start trying to get this entire pile of digital spread out jewels of memories into a more cohesive, organized, consolidated system.


    Since I had to start referencing Ap3 files, that helped with the storage on the laptop drive. But it caused another problem: I can't see the referenced movie files on iMovie. If I can, I don't know how.


    So I am now beginning the cumbersome slow project of pulling everything under the umbrella of iMovie that is movie related, then pulling everything that is a photographic image under the umbrella of Ap3. I had to consolidate various iphoto libraries (found a decent app for that), and so forth.





    Yet, as I'm doing all this, I get this feeling that I may not need another set up for a good while. Point being, why not slow down this spurt of energy to organize and consolidate and THINK about it a bit. Ha. right?   I mean, I'm doing what I have always done, which is evolve over time and just sort of grow larger and more cumbersome.



    When this terribly original idea hit me a few weeks ago, I didn't initially think much about it except "get on it."


    Now I'm starting to back up and say to myself, "what if I'm just taking a big conglomeration of so many spread out files, duplicating as I copy, and am not really making for an efficient workflow?"


    Workflow is my new buzzword, my new thought. New to me. Quit laughing all you peeps who have it down. Some of us aren't that organized from the front side and look back 20/20 and say how in the world did I get here?



    So now I'm reaching out, probably doing the smartest thing I've ever done, and trying to reach out to you all. When someone asked about about workflow, I thought "what does that mean?"


    I think I am starting to get what it means, but could use some sharing of ideas/mentoring here. I'm guessing workflow means exactly what I am living: how to organize, move around, handle, and deal with all this data. Am I right on this?


    I used to take it to mean, how did I have projects in Ap3 set up. Maybe that is a part of it, but I think (emphasis on think) that I am starting to realize workflow might just have a bigger meaning and application. In other words, how do I plan on organizing and dealing with ALL this digital data.




    One example from this morning and I'll stop for the moment to allow for some great feedback. Since I couldn't get iMovie to see the referenced movie files in Ap3 (have preview sharing turned on), I decided that I wouldn't use Ap3 as my movie manager. So I take 420 varying kinds of files from iphones to the canon 7d and export them to my desktop.


    Then I started thinking, I had better write all this out and reach out for some help before I just duplicate files and create another digital mess.


    I was going to import them into iMovie. Seemed simple. It is, but many are duplicates. Then I thought I would go through and start naming, finding duplicates, blah blah. Talk about time consuming.


    I'm willing to do all that if the concensus is that this is the best overall approach.


    Someone mentioned the new Final Cut. I've held out, but might consider going that route for managing all movie files.


    So here I am with tons of digital everything and I sure could use some wisdom on "workflow", "management," and basically setting myself up for the best pragmatic leveraging of the Apple set up for my intermediate future.



    If you've read all this and have remained interested, you are an amazing person. If you have ideas and feedback, I will listen carefully. I think it is relatively clear that I am willing to purchase or do just about whatever needs to be done, I've just sort of fumbled my way to this point. Basically, I feel like a privileged kid dealing with pro equipment and not really utilizing it to its capacity, not even close.


    I'll stop for now and will be back on in a few days to read the feedback and respond. I do appreciate your time and energy and feedback.




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    wow, I just spent a lot of time cleaning up the above post (editing it) so it would make a little better sense. Discussions just freaked out and lost the edit, said updates were occuring, so I'll just leave the somewhat first version of the above post as it is.


    If I created confusion or you need clarification, let me know.

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    Hello Robert,

    your long post lets me speechless, and very impressed by your courage. All the best wishes for your future.


    Now Aperture: Let me address some points that are obvious to me - I hope others will chime in with good advice on your workflow.


    One thing is obvious: You need to carefully plan the design of your new Aperture library, if you want to incorporate a lifetime's wealth of media. Don't try to do all at once. Think about the main categories you will need to retrieve your images and plan a folder structure that will allow you to access your projects easily. Each Aperture Library should be designed to fit your own needs, here we cannot help much. Usually it is helpful to organize your folder structure according to events: I have groups of folders for long distance travel, for sailing trips, for bicycle tours, for scientific expeditions, for conferences, for family events. And inside these groups are subfolders with specific projects. You might be tempted to organize by locations, or time, but these tags are available in other Aperture views. But still, others group there library according to date.


    Since I had to start referencing Ap3 files, that helped with the storage on the laptop drive.

    This is for a big library a very good solution.


    But it caused another problem: I can't see the referenced movie files on iMovie. If I can, I don't know how.

    No, you can't, it would be wasteful to do it. Keep the movies in iMovie or iTunes, and use them in Aperture slideshows using the Media Browser.



    Someone mentioned the new Final Cut. I've held out, but might consider going that route for managing all movie files.


    Final Cut has a very steep learning curve. Going from iMovie to Final Cut is like the transit from iPhoto to Aperture. If you are happy with the video edting in iMovie stick with iMovie. I rarely use Final Cut, most things I get done with iMovie; but I am not a very ambitious movie maker. If you could profit from advanced video processing check Final Cut out. You may wish to browse the iMovie Forum and Final Cut Forum for more advice.


    I'll stop here to give the others a chance to chime in




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    Picasa: Tools > Experimental > Show duplicate files.


    You have to add the "iPhoto Library" first.


    or try: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/44350/add