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I've just bought an iPhone 4S 2-3 months back.

Updated to iOS 5.1

iTunes 10

My phone is in a good condition and have never dropped it, protected in a good casing

My 3G connection is good and fast, running 4-5 bars signal on average.


I'm also using a MacBook Pro and 2 iPad, both are connected to my home WIFI and doesnt seem to have a problem.


My WIFI was working perfectly in Malaysia and have tried it overseas in 2 countries no prob. Until I realized about a week ago, whenever I returned home it doesnt join my home WIFI network. I've tried manually entering my home network name and password, but it said cannot scan network. I thought it was my home WIFI router that was probably the problem, tried restarting that one too and didn't work. Then I tried taking it out to check WIFI and Cafe and it wouldn't scan either.


Looks like The main issue is that it continues to scan for network but can't even see one...now

As you can see below that continues to happen, scanning for network.



I've googled and followed some tips including:

-Airplane mode on and off

-WIFI on and off


-Reset all network setting

-Restore to factory settings


None of the aboev works.


Please help and thanks a million

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Return to the vendor for warranty repair/replacement.

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    I bought it from Apple Store, so it unlocked version. How do I go about this. I am currently in Malaysia which they do not have any official presence only through third party.

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    If Apple has no official presence there, you will need to return to the country of purchase or perhaps you can seek warranty coverage in a country closer to you. If it is the CDMA model, that coverage is only available in the USA because that is the only country where Apple sells that model.

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    Thanks, I did have to return it after 2 days of diagnostic it is a hardware faulty.

    This is my first Apple device that had error/fault... I have to wait 7 days for replacement and I dont assume Apple will pay for my film that I've placed on the iPhone...

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    of course not.