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Hello apple community,

I´m a new member of apple family and now I would like to buy a Time Capsule to enlarge my little collection of apple products. But on timecapsule.org and in apple support community I read about the “sudden death” problems. That´s why I´m not sure if it would be a good idea to spend so much money for a time capsule. Therefore I would like to ask you which experiences you made over the past years and how long you could enjoy the performance of your time capsules.

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    I have now come to the conclusion that the Time Capsule is more trouble than it is worth - certainly in my experience over the past year.  Mine has just caused me so many problems recently that it has wasted days of valuable time trying to get it to work again.  You may see my earlier post where it would back up to 17.4 GB - then slow down and say it would take 26 days to do the rest!  On another try last night it actually reported that it would take 1,497, 554 days!  - yes - over a millon days to back up!  I wish I could have that time to wait!


    I bought mine as a 'belts and braces' - in case I had missed anything via my normal backups. I do all of my backups suing Super Duper.  This has never let me down and the tech support is first class and often within the hour if any problems do arise.  I like it because it also gives me a bootable backup alternative (which TC does not)


    So you have to decide - if you need the hourly backups of TC - or if you can do this yourself with Super Duper.

    Siince all drives will eventually die then my advice is to have your own system of double backups, especially if you have, like me, lots of valuable photos and video you cannot afford to lose!


    You may find that using an external drive and Time Machine may be a better solution than TC - but, I would advise SuperDuper as well!


    Hope this helps

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    I have had 2 time capsules fail on me.  The first was replaced by Apple but all was lost on the drive (so much for a backup drive).


    The second one has just died which has me searching the support forum.


    Time Capsules can be great; however, I wouldn't have them as my sole backup.  I have learned the hard way.  I rarely have any problems with the router aspect; but again, when the power failed it killed both the back up and the router.


    Easy to set up - work great when working - make sure you have another backup.

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    A repairer can fix them so it never has power supply issues again.


    Apple cannot fix them.. they designed it as a sealed unit.. which was foolish.


    https://sites.google.com/site/lapastenague/a-deconstruction-of-routers-and-modem s/apple-time-capsule-repairers