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Hi everyone,


I just discovered that I have an "mds" folder in my "Macintosh HD" folder but there seems to be no "Private" folder (which, as I understand, is the root folder of the "mds" one). So, I was wondering what to do with it? Should I put it back into the "Private" folder? But if so, how, since the latter is not visible?


Besides, there are only 3 files inside it (visible ones, at least): mds.lock,  mdsDirectory.db  and  mdsObject.db


I have read a couple of threads on "mds" and they all mention an "mdsWorker" file which I don't see in there...



Now for the background:


My machine used to run under Snow Leopard and I upgraded it to Lion (App Store download). Then, however, I had to do a clean install of Snow again (I needed to restore the computer to factory settings) and re-updated to Lion (via download again). I don't know if something might have gone wrong with all these OS changes...


Besides this, I've had a Time Machine back-up of my Lion settings all along; but when backing up the 2nd install of Lion, it didn't recognize the former backup and just created a new backup from scratch (I believe that this was because of a difference in the computer's name due to different accents in Lion and Snow). Bottom line, I ended up erasing the external drive and created a brand new backup. I haven't had any issues on that side anymore —I don't even know if this is relevant— but just in case...




(Runninng on a 2010 MacBook - Mac OS X - 10.7.3 - 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    On my SL system there is a mds folder in /private/var/db/.  It contains two folders; messages and system/private/var/db/mds/system contains 4 files; mds.install.lock, mds.lock, mdsDirectory.db, and mdsObject.db.


    You should check in there to see if you already have that mds folder.  I don't know how or why you have one at the root level.  Odds are you can delete it.


    Here's a terminal command to look at all the files and folders in  /private/var/db/mds/:


    ls -lR /private/var/db/mds

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    Thanks for that quick answer. As it turns out, I do have another mds folder in /private/var/db/, with everything you mentioned inside!


    I'm guessing that the one I have at root level is just a copy then? Does anyone know how it might have got there? Can I just erase it?


    Thanks again!


    PS: To see the /private folder, an easier way than launching terminal is just to "Go to Folder" (from Go in Finder or Shift + Command + G) and then entering the path (/private/var/db/mds/system)

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    If your computer is behaving normally now, then it's likely you can delete it.  Especially since those files are acutally where they're supposed to be.


    You could stick it in the trash can for a few days, and when you're sure things are still running properly empty it!



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    mallarddaniela wrote:


    Can I just erase it?


    I did say you could delete it.  It is not required and won't break anything to delete it.