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Plugged iphone 4 S into computer. Did the usual syncing, but during syncing process, it removed all of my downloaded apps from my phone for some reason. I went to the apps tab on itunes and the sync apps box was unticked. When I ticked the sync apps box, I manually select each app. After doing this, I clicked sync again, and those apps I selected appeared back on my phone. But having been replaced, the data in the apps had gone.

I'm extremely upset. I had really important information in some of the apps, and it has caused me a great deal of distress. How can I recover the data that has been lost?

Please help.

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    Check for the last back up and sync from it.

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    In itunes preferences devices you can see your lastest back ups so you can sync from the last one your data shall be there.

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    Restore and sync from the last back up,may before restore it ask you to back up but say no to don't overwritte the last one with the data you want.

    Hope that works.

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    Hi, the back up will only restore the data I needed up until January. How can I get the data I created since this? Why does iTunes delete data that is very important automatically? I didn't ask it to delete this data, it just went ahead and wiped the iPhone. It's an absolute joke of a program.

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    It is advised that we back up our devices regularly to avoid this. If the lost data are those you bought from an app, you can contact the app developers and try if they can restore it for you, However, data like highest levels and high scores for a certain game are lost forever.


    You can check this article for more infotmation:


    About in-app purchases



    Hope this helps.

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    Obviously backing data up more regularly may have helped a tiny amount in this case, this is a given. Equally obviously, telling me to back up data now isn't going to help, is it? I hope telling me that made you feel really good, surely you're trolling?

    The point is, I have data on an apple device. I plug it into another apple device. For no apparent reason, but extraordinarily annoyingly, it removed my data.

    The question really is, why is iTunes such an awful program, and when it's awfulness kicks into high gear, how can we rectify its errors?

    It seems like this is a major pain for a lot of people, and yet the best advice seems to be to make sure you avoid this problem by creating back ups. Why should we have to avoid it at all, the fault shouldn't even be there? It's just horrendously badly-designed programming.

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    What may have happened is that you clicked through a dialogue box that said iTunes had found purchased items on your phone and would you like to transfer them? It's also possible that you had told iTunes in the past to not show you that notice again. That would explain not seeing a warning. If you right-click on the iPhone in the devices list of iTunes you can reset warnings to get the warning back. It's hard to say with any certainty what really happened and beyond restoring from a backup I don't unfortunately know of a solution. In most cases transferring purchases is what you want to do to get new apps saved on your computer.

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    I would like to thank Apple for giving me the opportunity on this beautiful day off to sit in front of my computer and redownload all the apps and music that was just wiped from my phone.  Mabye I will be able to remember the many apps that the App Store had not tracked for me.  Maybe I will figure out the last half of the music I had downloaded from my 4000 music files that I had taken weeks to pick and choose from.  It appears iTunes only wanted to track half of that.  I would back up on an almost monthly basis, alas, those backups have disappeared.  Why my phone synced with another computer is a mystery.  Probably when I was working on a project at my job and I tried to get a video I had recorded off my phone, boy that was a hassle.  All those work apps... gone too.  Guess ill write today off.  Makes me wish I didn't have to go back to work tommorrow and sell more Apple!


    Sal and Paul I feel your pain.

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    Hi Sal and Paul,


    Sorry. I didn't mean to do anything and I ain't trolling. I was just trying to help.


    I am a frequent writer to the support team and have experienced what you have been experiencing now. Unfortunately, only Apple people knows why and us users should do things (backing up and transferring purchases) to avoid inconvenience, like contacting them.


    Just  my two cents. Again, I do not intend to make you mad or whatever.