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Want to connect my iPad first generation, my iMac and my ihone 4S through iCloud. Help please? Cannot find iCloud under settings on my iPad?

74 year old computer illiterate,

Tom Rusk

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    iCrizzo Level 3 Level 3 (840 points)

    Update your iPad. Connect to iTunes > tap on the iPad in the left panel > info > check for updates

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    As Crizzo stated, you are probably not running the necessary iOS for iCloud.


    You can check in Settings>General>About>Version .... To see which iOS the iPad is running. This will explain how to update your iPad. You must do this via iTunes on your computer and you want to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed as well.



    After you have updated to iOS 5, you will be able to update over the air in the future without the need to go through iTunes on your computer.


    BTW ... It is not a good idea to post your phone number in a public forum. I have asked the hosts to remove it from your post.