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I have a windows vista laptop.  It crashed, and after the repair all my itunes had the exclamation mark and could not play.  From there I can't remember exactly what I did to try and make it work, I think I removed the library and then put it back again, but basically all my voice recordings remaind, and all my music disappeared.  I found the old music library and tried to get itunes to read it again.  It wouldn't.  I tried to import the library and also to add it as though it was a music file, and now it hasw vaporised.  So I would like to know a) how did all that happen and how do I avoid it happening again and b) is the only way to get all my apps back into itunes to buy "bootstrap" for £20?!!  I have receipts for all of them in the itunes account, but when I look at the apps in the app store they do not appear as having been purchased, so I can't re-download them.  At the moment I have a fair chunk of my music and apps safely on my ipod.  I would like to know the best way forward from this complete mess.  Although I can find my way around a computer I am not a programmer and can't do anything very complicated.  The ipod is an ipod touch 4g. 


Is there any way to backup the contents of my ipod before trying anything about restoring?  I tried to look inside it as a storage item but can only view the photos, not the music or apps.


Apple themselves have taken the easy way out on me by blaming the entire problem on my computer engineers and washing their hands of it. 


Many thanks for any pointers.

iPod touch (4th generation), Windows Vista