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I have replaced the "Login Items" functionality with an Automator app that runs when I log in. It asks if I want to load all my startup items now, or just cancel it. I have several startup items, including some utility apps, but also bigger apps like Safari and iTunes.


I currently do this by "Get Specified Finder Items" providing a list of the apps, and then "Open Finder Items," opening all of them at once so they are all loading up simultaneously. I then wait for a while until my CPU has calmed down and everything is ready to go (which is the reason for moving them to an Automator workflow in the first place; I can cancel loading if I don't want to wait).


Would it be better to open one, wait for it to load, open the next, etc.? Would this have any effect on performance as far as either the time it takes to load up or the efficiency of the computer as it operates with all of these things loaded?


Just curious. It would be difficult to actually test, since i imagine the difference would be small if any.

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