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I have a 2008 IMAC and a 2008 Macbook pro (that recently messed up, but my computer guy kinda fixed),

so Now I am using a 2012 Macbook Pro.  I love it of course.  I use a Lacie rugged external hard drive for time maching.  I am still learning about Mac even though I have had Mac for so many years. I talked my mom into getting a Macbook Air since she was having so many problems with her pc.

She wants an external hard drive for mother's day since I told her how important I feel that they are since i just went through all these problems on my 2008 Macbook Pro (and My Imac is slowing way down even after adding more memory).  So what do you recommend for Macbook Air around $100. for a person that has never used Mac, that will be reliable and that she can save info from her PC and put it onto her new Macbook Air?  (She probably does not have much more than 1 GB maybe 2 GB).  Thanks