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OK, full disclosure.  I bought a new hard drive in December, so hopefully this isn't a hard drive issue, but I am no longer covered under warranty, which ***** because since the AppleCare expired (and since Steve Jobs died, ironically) I have had nothing but problems.


The real problem right now is with the DVD Player, but I'm getting to that.


My computer has been running really slow lately and for seemingly no particular reason.  It just slowed down.  I haven't even saved a whole lot of stuff to the hard drive lately, so I don't think it's that.  Anyway, sometimes you just need to shut down the whole thing, restart it, and take it from there.  So I did that.  Earlier today I shut down my iMac and left the apartment.  When I came back, I turned it back on and things seemed to be working pretty smoothly.  Then I played a DVD (from Netflix) without any problems.  After that was over, a few hours later I put in another DVD (from Netflix again) and it wouldn't play.  It kept making those weird loading sounds and then ejected the disc.  I tried several times and got the same results.


Then, just to see if the problem might be with this particular DVD, I put in another DVD.  This DVD is one that I've owned for awhile that I've watched several times and I've never had a problem with.  All of a sudden, I'm having problems with it.  It's doing the same thing as the other one, just not loading and then ejecting automatically.  Then, for some reason, I decided to try yet another DVD that I've owned for awhile that I just RECENTLY watched with no problems.  This one loaded up immediately and went to the menu screen.  I clicked PLAY and it played without problem.  So, then I tried the original problematic DVD again and it still wouldn't play. 


So what's going on?

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    Run a cleaning disc through the drive.

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    Having a similar issue.  Except mine wont play Netflix DVD's.  DVD player played every disc I've thrown in it that I own.  Even the Scooby Doo that looks like kids went over it with a fork.  But Mission Impossible:GP wont play.  It just ejects   DVD player never even starts.  MI:GP plays in both Blu-Ray players   It is a DVD.

    I like to watch movies after the kids go to bed with the volume up with headphones.