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I have a mid 2011 27inch i5 desktop and the fan noise is so bad.. I've had 5 macs and they have all been

pretty quite..This thing is unbelievable. Had to have the HD replaced because it was making a grinding

noise, fixed now but the fan drives me mad.. took it to apple and they say this is normal.


$1800.00 for state of the art technology... having had a few imacs i would expext the same as what

i got last time, thats why i bought another one.. But this is deinitly not what i got last time ! !


I sit at this thing 10 hrs a day sometimes... i can't believe i piad 1800 bucks for something that makes

more noise than my air con in silent mode...



Same problem anyone??

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)