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Here's my problem:


I have an old strawberry-colored original iMac, running OS 9.0.4.


I also have an Epson Stylus NX415 all-in-one printer.


But -- the iMac does not recognize the printer.


In order for this printer to connect to this Mac, I need to have a "printer driver" extension that I can install (and then restart), so that the printer appears in the "Chooser" window, so I can select it there.


I'd need either a printer driver specific to the NX415, or some kind of generic Epson printer driver compatible with this specific model.


But here's the problem: I think the NX415 was first manufactured AFTER OSX was introduced, so it could be that Epson never even bothered to make a printer driver for OS 9 for the NX415.




I've scoured the Internet and legacy sites that specialize in old OS 9 software, and also scoured Epson's site, and could not find any appropriate printer drivers in any of those places.


Any suggestions, or specific links to where I can download such a driver?


Or is it the case that this printer simply physically will NEVER work with this model of Mac, and I should just give up?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.