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With iphoto it is easy to make nice collage by selecting some photos-> E-mail -> select a design and then.... -> send. But it does not work.Why is it not possible to send a photo-collage out of iphoto?  What is the need of a photo-collage with iphoto  if it is not possible to send it or even to save it?

My account in iphoto is exactly the same as in Mail and I want to " send the photos mit iphoto" (and not with Mail because it does not make such a nice photo-collage). Thanks for help.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (123,735 points)

    What happens when you try?


    What version of iPhoto?


    Have you explored the Stationery feature in Mail?

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    My version of iPhoto is 921. When I wand to send Photos directly with iPhoto , I get the following message

    " EMail Server does not answer. Try later on" , although I am able to send photos with MAIL without problem, and the accounts in MAIL and iPhoto are exactly the same.

    The Stationery feature in Mail are not so classical or neutral as in iPhoto.

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    Have yu tried deleting teh account in iPhoto (iPhoto preferences ==> accounts) and re-entering?



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    Thank you very much, it works really by deleting and re-entering account. Genial.

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    You don't need to delete your account, you may still want to use it.

    Just go to 'Preference / General' and change the 'Email photos using:' from 'Mail' to 'iPhoto'.

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    Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (123,735 points)

    The answer wasn't to delete the account, the answer was to delete it and recreate it.


    And the question only arises for people who already have selecte iPhoto for mailing.






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    Just posted this question - and saw this discussion... can someone help me print those cool collages that are created with the iPhoto email program?  I have saved to a desktop and can print when converting to pdf, but how can I save in jpg and export to shutterfly or similar service (I'd use Apple's print service if it were an option) to print it on 'photo-like' paper to frame?

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    Keith Barkley Level 5 Level 5 (5,250 points)

    Are you sure shutterfly won't take PDF's?


    If not Preview should be able to read a PDF and save as JPEG.


    (Oh and you should start a new topic for this.)