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I made a @me account when i got my new macbook pro so i could finally use icloud.


On my mail app on my computer i added it in and it worked fine for over a week, all of a sudden i had to enter my password which i did and it said it was incorrect. I went onto the Icloud website and clicked on mail and it said to turn it on in my system preferences, so i did and it tried to create me a new account ?! I ALREADY HAVE ONE!! obviously cant use the same email as its already registered TO ME!


I tried to use the Iforgot and reset my password (even though its the right one) and it gave me the option to send instructions to my email(s) which i did, i recieved no email to any of my linked accounts, i then tried the second option, security questions which i didnt even get to as i entered my birthday and it said it did not match what they had on their records!! PRETTY SURE I KNOW MY BIRTHDAY!


I have no idea what has happened, in my email preference it clearly states that my email is what i think it is, with my first and last name attached to the account.


Anyone got any idea's or who i can contact to sort out this issue?


Thank you!

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    Sorry, can't help, but i also have a problem with me.com, it let me set it up, but I have not been to get into the account since.  It says that my e-mail address and password is incorrect, but like you, I know it's right.  They say you can't change anything once you set it up!!! so whats the point, is my question?!