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After my daughter dropped my phone on the floor (surprisingly the screen didn't crack), the screen went black and I could not turn the phone back on. This was not the first time that this happened to me and I fixed it by plugging it in to my car charger. I tried that this time and it did come back on but the place where my signal strength bars should be said 'searching'. After a short while, a message came up saying that my phone needed to be restored and  to connect it to iTunes.

My phone would not come on unless it was plugged into a charger, other than that the screen was black (and still does that). The apple screen will show and then the usb cord connecting to iTunes symbol comes up and it will go passed that screen.

I connected to iTunes, and found out that my phone was in recovery mode and needed to be restored. I tried to restore several times and the same thing happens. iTunes will begin the process (extracting files first) after that part is complete and iTunes starts the next step of preparing the phone for restoring, my phone will go black as if it shut off and then the apple screen comes on and then the usb cord connecting to iTunes shows up and then iTunes delivers the error21 code. Can anyone help me please? I've tried pressing the home button and lock button at the same time for seconds and then holding the home button blah blah but it does me no good because I can't get my phone to do anything unless its connected to a charger or the computer. Please don't tell me my phone is broken !!

iPhone 4, Windows XP
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    Sounds like it's broken this time.


    Make an appointment at the genius bar and take your credit card. An out of warranty replacement it US$149.

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    NOO it's not broken it is a software error. What you need to do is put your phone into what is called DFU mode or Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. What you have to do is connect your phone to itunes but do not start the sync process. Ignore any popups from itunes initially. When you are connected to itunes take your phone and hold down the home button and power button at the same time. Hold them down for about 30 seconds or so and you should see your device screen rollover to the black screen and disconnect from itunes once this happens it will reboot and automatically connect to iTunes, after this happens start the restore process through itunes and it should continue past the error message.


    * Also before you do this try ejecting your sim card if you have the at&t model if you are on Verizon ignore this. There is a small oval port on the right side of the phone with a small pinhole. Use a paperclip and insert it into the hole, the door will pop open. Take the door out, remove the sim card and wait 5 minutes then return the sim card back into the phone and begin the above process.


    If none of this works you may just want to bring it the genius bar and have them look at it. Good Luck and I hope this helps!