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My iPhoto library was working fine until recently when I tried to import photos from my camera to my library.  Now when I try to open iPhoto, I get a spinning wheel and none of the pictures in my library show up. I have the latest software update, and have tried restarting my computer and compressing the contents of the library (which I cannot see) into a zip. Please help! Thank you!

MacBook Pro
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    By the way, the software version is 9.1.1

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    You can right click and "Show package contents" on the iPhoto Library and open your Originals folder and remove problematic files, or copy and remove the good ones.


    Perhaps both or some of each in your case.



    You don't want to zip up the iPhoto Library, perhaps it made a copy when it zipped, it needs to stay unzipped.


    Zipping is compression for transfer use mostly.