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There is a hidden application that is running on my Mac Mini. The only way I can see this application is when the Force Quite selection window is open (Apple -> System Preferences -> Force Quit). When I hold down the mouse button on any application listed a hidden application appears titlted "pwr". I cannot actually select this application becasue when I let of the mouse button, the application disappears and is not selectable. I have even tried to select multiple applications that include this pwr app, but when I lift of the mouse, it still disappears and is not selected.


What is this application and why can I not select it? I have tried in vain to Google, but nothing remotly relates to what this application is and why it exists. I have almost the identical setup on my MacBook Pro, but am unable to see this pwr applicaiton. Both computers are running the latest version of Lion, but this program has been visible since Lion first came out.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)