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I have a 2011 Macbook Pro that I have used with an OWC Data Doubler. I have placed my original Toshiba drive (120gb) in the DataDoubler cage, which is what I am booting from. The new OWC SSD that I installed is a 240gb. I use this machine for video editing (using Premiere Pro CS5) and also would like to dual boot into Windows. I would like some suggestions for setup. A couple questions:


  1. Will it perform better if I am booting from my factory HDD slot, or is it okay that my Startup Disk is in the data doubler?
  2. Should I set up a raid? Would a striped raid allow me to NOT lose any space; from what I understand if I set up a Striped (Raid 0) array, I would have a total of 360gb of storage. If I set up a Raid 1, it would simply mirror my smallest drive, so I would be losing some space. Am I thinking this through right.
  3. Should I just scrap the raid? If so,, I would like to move my Home folder to my other drive, is this possible? Basically I would split my 240gb drive (120gb to Windows and 120gb to OSX). Then I would use the smaller drive (120gb) as my scratch disk.

I know that all these methods are possible, would just like to hear some of the options that others have used.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)