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When I had around 3000 pictures in my Ipad, there's no problem to delete all at once from windows using the explorer and the ipad as a usb camera. But now I have around 6000 pictures and when I try to see the pictures, windows shows two messages: 1 the usb camera is busy and the pictures can't be accesed and the second message: 0 objects in the image folder is empty (zero pictures).


I don't understand: there's a problem with the number of pictures? Why with less pictures everything works fine? Why I can't select ALL the pictures from a event to delete ALL at once.... the instructions to select more that one picture it doesn't work for me.


The issue with the pictures is draving me crazy! The soluction to select the pictures one by one is just "insane".


Help Please.

iPad, iOS 5.1, Windows XP