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I work at a school who will be receiving iPads in the near future. I would like to be able to use AppleTV's to wirelessly display the teacher's ipad to the class through an hdmi projector in mirror mode. My question or issue is that my district is converting to a Cisco Network (we are currently Nortel) this summer and apparently the AppleTV will not work on this network because the Cisco Network does not offer a certificate, which is required for an apple tv to work wirelessly?


I am looking for help with this situation. I need to know information about this kind of wireless network? Is this true about AppleTV? Are there any work arounds available that can relieve this issue (aside from the obvious thing of just getting the adapter and plugging in the appletv to the projector)?


Thanks for any help or advice!

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.1
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    You really need to find out what standard of nwtroking the Cisco system offers.


    AppleTV uses standard wifi connections with a newtork name and password pair login for wifi using common domestic protocols WPA2 variants probably being best to use currently for home users.


    AppleTV does not have a browser so it cannot login to any internet services that require a browser type login.


    I suspect Cisco will give you an 802.1x network.  I don't think AppleTV supports this based on a few questions I've seen in recent years but as I've never used one I can't say as I haven't tested.


    If the iPad was not using any live internet content you could just set up a small discrete LAN say using an Airport Express purely for iPad<>AppleTV usage.

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    Agreed. The problem I have is our district is very secretive about the networking options they supply us with, we aren't even supposed to know the password for our own wi-fi access!! If I can find out the standard do you think that would make a difference??


    The appletv works great at my house and seems to be geared more towards that market but I hope that apple realizes the simple potential of this device in both the corporate and educational markets as it is very powerful when combined with the airplay/mirror modes of iOS devices.


    I believe the lack of a browser is probably one of the critical factors as this network which is designed to be "open" for our students to access with their own devices (BYOD) will require them to get a certificate when they open their browser and attempt to access the internet, which obviously appletv can't do without a browser.


    I thought about piggy-backing onto the internet with Access Point like an Airport Express for them to connect with each other, however I think ultimately that will discourage the teachers more with the inability to access internet-based resources vs. having access to the network and being tethered to their projector with an hdmi adapter.


    Thanks for your help Alley_Cat, I really needed someone to run this by and talk it through with.