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I've had my iPad 2 for about 6 months now, and it recently just started this problem last night. I try to charge it using the official wall charger that came with it, but it doesn't charge it at all. It just beeps on and off as if I'm unplugging and replugging  the cable in (althought the cable is securely in and I'm not touching it). I connected different devices to the same charger (my cellphone that's not an iPhone, for example) and they charge just fine. But connecting my iPad to the charger and it completely goes nuts.


I should point out that I'm in Germany at the moment and the iPad is from the U.S. (where I'm usually located). But I've been to Germany with this same iPad, the same charger, and the same adaptor before (a month ago) and I had no problems last time. I also am able to slowly charge the iPad via USB connection to a friend's laptop (albeit very slowly). I just really want to know why my wall outlet charger will work with other devices, and the USB cable works from iPad to laptop (again, although very slowly), but together the two things wont charge my iPad and the iPad beeps on and off as if I'm unplugging and replugging it in. Someone please help!!!

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