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  1. Jpg files were produced on PowerBookG4 with Tiger and saved on a Freecom 1TB disk, connected over FireWire.
  2. (This disk probably is not the issue (90% sure)).
  3. Updated to Leopard 10.5.8 by an Apple support center (since no disks available to buy).
  4. PowerBookG4 will not any longer read the jpg files correctly.
    • They get corrupted and may have horizontal stripes, or fields.
    • These fields may be black.
  5. The same files read ok on an old iBook with Tiger, as well as a newer machine with Snow Lion, when Freecom is connected to these machines
  6. Importing new jpg files to the PowerBookG4/Leopard also display corrupted
  7. Have tried to (but did not help)
    • rescale a picture with Graphic Converter on a friend's Snow Lion machine, and saved to this disk (new image)
    • connect the Freecom disk to the old iBook/Tiger and shared it out, then moved files across home network into the PowerBook.
  8. Have not tried to (should I?)
    • remove the resource fork.


Is there a trick to get Leopard to display these files correctly?


(aclassifier on behalf of a friend in despair)

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)