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I've used the alarm successfully on my old iPod Classic 60GB, now on the new iPod Classic 160GB it doesn't work anymore (I tried every option I could think of (with & without headphones, while keeping it on/off, etc., even enabling the clicker sound which seems to be the solution on iPhones, even after a full restore etc., etc., etc.)… but there seems to be a solution because I found this message:

a certain user "jaz271", had a similar problem, then added "Sorted" but doesN'T TELL HOW… what the use of putting such messages if there is not even a single way to contact the author?

Please help me out on dflauwers@glmail.com


PS: Also bizarre: the function on the old iPod Classic (60GB) vanished since the latest update. SO no more alarm on Ipod Classic 60GB.

iPod classic, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPod Classic v2.0.4
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    I had the same problem -- alarm doesn't work on iPod Classic 160 GB, meaning I can't use it to listen to music to put me to sleep since the headphones block out any external alarm. I assumed it was something I'd done wrong, but viewing this and an even earlier (2007) thread, it looks like an Apple bug that hasn't been fixed in five years. APPLE PLEASE HELP! This is not what we expect from you.