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I finally figured out how to set up my DNS/LDAPv3/server on my LAN.  But, playing around with setting up Users and Computers is still confusing.  I had unsucessfully set up a mobile account (multiple times), with a user directory (by accident), but was not sucessful in getting them to sync.  My scenario is this:  I have (1) MBP that I have an existing user account (my account) which also  happens to be the administrator account.  My goal is the get my home folder in my MBP to sync to the server I set up.  Eventually, I'll set up another laptop so I can use either and use the same home folder, or just log in as that user (myself) on the server directly.  So, a few specific questions so I can get started...


1.  Using Workgroup Manager, should I be setting up a new "User" or new "Computer" on the server?


2.  When I set up either for experimental purposes, Under Accounts>Basic, there is no Home Directory.  When I click the Home, then click + to add one, I don't know what I'm supposed to type (i.e.,  Mac OS X Server/Share Point URL, Path to Home Folder, or Full Path).  Ideally, it would be nice to have my network home folder of my PHD on my external RAID, but anywhere would work for the time being. 


3.  Can this be done for an existing user on my MBP, or is this only for new users or computers?  Should I reinstall the SL client on my MBP and dedicate the Administrator as just that, then create a new user on the server and clone my existing home folder to it (with my applications and preferences on my MBP or course)?


I've read through the user manual a few times.  But, I just don't have enough server knowledge to pick up on whatever Apple is explaining.

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    From what I have done and learned with Mobile Users, these are few tips;



    First, you need to have a Mobile User in your server so you an sync it. You can not sync the user from your MBP just like that, the User needs to exist on the server to be able to get synced.


    Second, you need to create Sharepoints with AFP or witch ever service you wish to use, (I recommend AFP for mac user homes), Add AFP service in Server Admin and open it, create folder somewhere what you wish to use for sharing the data ( in the raid drive perhaps), and then click Share, and select use for User home folders. When you do this, this sharepoint will show in Workgroup Manager in User / Home tab, and you can just click it from there, and hit Create Home Now, then remember to Save.


    I believe there is a way you can transfer your user and home folder&files to your server, I remember reading about that somewhere in here, but I dont have spesific instructions for you I'm afraid. You need to search this forum.


    Hope this gives you some direction

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    Thank you.  I can use something like Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the folders I need (and backup the whole shabang at the same time) into a new home directory in the server when I create one.  So, I'm guessing I'll want to do a new administrator account as just that... to handle all the administrative functions.  This just reminded me of something.  I've noticed that the MBP doesn't connect to a wireless router until after I log in.  I suppose once I create the home directory on the server, then log into that account for the first time and let it sync, then after that, I can log in to a newly created local home folder on the MBP, then after the laptop connects to the server, it will do a new sync every time thereafter?  Or, do I still have to log in to the network?  That means I have to log into the administrator account that's on the MBP, then log out, and log into the network account while making sure that the MBP's wireless configuration remains connected regardless of loggin out.


    The problem I'm having is how to type the afp://... line when creating a new home directory.  Secondly, creating share points after adding and turning on AFP in the Server Admin seems tricky too.  But, I'm still experamenting.