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My info...


MacBook Pro (Late 2008 / Early 2009)

Lion - Latest version.

iTunes - Latest Version.

iPhone 4 - Latest iOS version.

iPad 2 - Latest iOS version.


iTunes grabs my new podcasts but they aren't syncing properly on my devices. About 75% of the time, if I have a fully played podcast on my phone or iPad, when I sync, the played data doesn't changed the podcast in iTunes to played. So iTunes doesn't removed the played podcast from my device. The only way I can get them to sync is to play the podcast again then scrub to the end so it's registered as played again.


I've tried many other things to resolve this permanently but nothing has worked-- wiped my MBP and reinstalled Lion, restored my iPhone/iPad from backup, restored my iPhone/iPad and set them up as new phones (didn't restore from backup), and created a brand new iTunes database. Nothing has resolved it or changed the behavior.


This has been happening since iOS 5 and I think there have been a few new iTunes versions since iOS 5. I've seen a few things from users with the same issue, but I'm not sure why it isn't more widespread.


Any ideas?

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