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Hi all...MacPro Intel 2.66 dual core, 10.6.8, 10 gig ram.


Been a problem ever since I got this machine.  Doesn't matter if it's CD-ROM, CD audio, DVD-V, DVD-ROM...discs get stuck CONSTANTLY.  What do I mean by stuck?  Well, I can't eject 'em with the ejector button.  I can either (A) pry up the door and use the "Macintosh disc extraction tool" I made (for you newbies, that's a straightened paper clip); or I can restart the computer, and THEN it will eject the disc.


This is pretty frustrating, especially since I'm running the supposed "world's smartest operating system".


Any idears?

iMac 3.06 (8 gig)/MacPro 2.66 (10 gig))/iBook 1ghz (1 g), Mac OS X (10.6.8), older Macs