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I'm traveling to Europe next week (UK, Italy and France) and have been trying to get a Verizon data roaming plan with no success.  (I have an older AT&T iPad, which I've used in Europe before and the process is much simpler).  I bought the new one because of the US 4G network, but I understood that global roaming plans similar to the AT&T plans were available, but if they are, it's sure not as easy to set up as AT&T was.


So I have several questions:


1) Rather than pay the excessive roaming charges ($20.48/MB) that Verizon is telling me I would have to pay, can I buy a European carrier prepaid micro SIM card and use it in the Verizon iPad?


2) How about using my AT&T micro SIM (from my old iPad 2) in the new Verizon iPad?  I could activate the SIM in the AT&T iPad, then just move it over to the Verizon third generation iPad.


3) I could have sworn I had read somewhere that AT&T and Verizon had similar international Roaming plans, but I sure can't find the Verizon plan anywhere.  Does anyone have experience using the Verizon iPad in Europe?  Do the Global Data ($30/50 MB or $75/150 MB or $125/300 MB) that they have for international phones apply to iPad?  If so, how do you set that plan up?


Thank you in advance for your help.  So far, my experience would rate AT&T international customer service a 8.50- 9.0 (on a 10-point scale and Verizon a zero)

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    Too late for your trip, but in the interests of helping others with this question:


    In the UK, if you are in London, go to an Apple Store; they sell a sim card with 1G of data for 5 pounds, and if you need help installing they will do that too. (Feb 2012 prices)  I used my ipad2 for nearly 2 weeks and it was still going strong.  At least with these UK prices, you would be CRAZY to do do a roaming plan for data.  Ouch!!


    I'm sure you can get these sim cards directly from the cellular providers too, if you are in an area that doesn't have an Apple Store. 


    Not sure about prices in other countries, but once you learn to change the sim card, it is super easy and I'm pretty sure that you can get prepaid cards that work seamlessly.  Just don't misplace your US sim card!

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    It's good to read Antoniad's post.  It reassures me that I can use my new iPad as an international communication device which is the reason I purchased the thing.  However, I called Verizon today (my provider of cellular data) who told me that I can't just pop in a SIM card as you suggested.  He also said that he was from the "Pre-Pay" division of Verizon and he was certain that I couldn't do what I planned to do.  I was extremely disappointed as I had called Apple prior to buying the iPad and I read the algorhythm on the website for choosing an iPad before purchasing.  Those sources were quite specific and the information seemed clear.  I would be able to use my iPad to communicate through cellular connections while traveling on the road, literally, abroad.  I was told that I could pop in a data card wherever I was, just as you indicated in your message above, and voila I was good to go.  The Verizon rep definitively rained on that parade, but said that I might be able to do this if I have a "Post-Pay" account, a different area of Verizon.  I haven't had the chance to talk to this division yet, so I looked to Apple's Support for answers.  Maybe I will find out that I can use my iPad as an international communication device while traveling on the road afterall, however, it appears I may need a different type of account (Post-Pay), something I was never warned about. Can I switch to this kind of account?  I don't know.  I have to find out.  If you have any information about this issue, it would be good to share since I strongly suspect there are others who bought the iPad for the same purpose that I have.

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    Sorry Barasa,  My reply was to the original poster, who said he/she had an AT&T ipad, so it was only about the AT&T version.  Sadly, it is true that Verizon is not using the international standard--GSM-- for the ipad, they are still using CDMA technology which does not work overseas networks.  It is a shame that this wasn't made clear enough when you purchased your ipad.  That is why many people waited to get AT&T ipads when the Verizon versions were more available early on.  Verizon has great coverage in the US, but you definitely get scr*wed when you have to pay their rates for roaming overseas.  However another option is to use it only with WiFi overseas.  Certainly there are reasonable WiFi options in major cities that would probably cost less than Verizon's offerings, at least for heavy users. 

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    Actually, my original past was about a Vizon iPad, as I had no problems when I was with AT&T. All of the new iPads a "world" devices, with CDMA and GSM capabilies. Before the first trip to Eueope, two weeks ago, I found a company (iPhonetrip.com) that sells/rents sort term data plans at very reasonable prices.  I used them on my last trip to England and Italy and the current trip to Germany with no problems.  I think if I was a bit more daring, I could have for

    Und even cheaper prepaid card over here, as antoniad suggested.

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    I have the same type of Verizon account (because that the only type Verizon sells). You can change SIMs, but you have to also change ASP settings (easy instructions on the iPhonetrip.com site).  When you return to the states, you have to trash the changed settings (and, surprisingly for a CDMA phone, put the Verizon SIM back in to restore your Verizon service.)

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    You have the new iPad yes? If so then that guy is a moron. Yes you can totally pop in a different sim. You may need to reset your network settings to get it to read the new sim card but it does work. I suggest you take a screenshot of your 'about' screen to grab your Verizon cell number in case you need it when you return. Also get your expiration date and if it is going to hit while you are gone set it to cancel so you aren't paying for service you won't use. And it's best to turn off your cell data and leave the sim at home do you don't lose it or accidentally have it pick up and try to charge you for roaming. Turn it back on when you have the new sim in.


    Post paid accounts can be a pill for this kind of thing since you have to deal with Verizon's people but if you have the patience of ten saints, some very good whiskey and an eighth of medical, it can also be done

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    Hi all

    I both this month a new IPad (AT&T) from US without contract  and I want to use this in Europe (Romania). If I buy a SIM card from Romania (Vodaphone) it will be work? Or should I make some changes in the IPad configurations?