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I have set up and sucessfully tested a workflow which sends any file found in a particular folder to the "paperless" app, then moves all files to a different folder called "Archived attachments".


HOWEVER as a folder action,  nothing happens when a file is put into the folder. The file just sits there in the folder.


To create a folder action I opened  "new folder action" in Automator, then dragged and dropped the working workflow file into the workspace, then set "Folder Action recieves files and folders added to" the appropriate folder, let's call it "Attachments".


Just to complicate things, the files are placed into the "Attachments" folder using an applescript that captures all pdf mail attachments. This applescript works succesfully.


So, where could I be going wrong?


The working workflow "Attachments.workflow" consists of:

Get Specificed Finder Items

Make Sequential

Get Folder Contents

Open Finder Items

Get Folder Contwents

Label Finder Items

Get Folder Contents

New Dated Folder


The erronious Folder Action consists of:

Run Workflow (Attachments)


In folder actions setup:

"Enable Folder Actions" is ticked

"PDF Attachments" folder is ticked

"Attachments_folder.workflow" script is on.

Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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