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I have been having a lot of trouble updating my books that I created with iBooks Author.  I have found a few ways to improve my books and wanted to make changes.  I keep getting error messages when trying to update an existing package. So I thought I would do an experiment.  I updated two books and redelivered with new isbns. At first, I received the same arror message that I have been getting all along.  Then I went back and checked the drm free box.  Both books successfully redelivered using the new isbn numbers.  I went into manage my books and made sure they were not drm free. 

Now I have two new books under Manage My Books.  How does it all work?  Do the new books automatically replace the old books?  In the metadata in related products I clicked replacement of and entered the corresponding isbn numbers.  Do I need to take the other books off the store?  I took one off and left one on.  Also, will my retain its placement in the store? I am afraid to redeliver one of my other books with a new isbn as it has good placement in the searches. Please provide any information that may be helpful. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry!

Jennifer Mohl