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I bought my black iPhone 4S during the last christmas (on 24 Dec'11). For the past few weeks, the home button has started to feel a little loose. Some times when I click it, I could feel a mild second click. And the button moves very little when I casually take my thumb to it and click it.... Is this normal?


Few of my friends also bought iPhone 4s with me. Their home buttons are perfect and they are tight like what they felt when we first opened the new iPhone boxes.


Im in India. We don't have any Apple stores here. But we have Apple Authorized Resellers and Service centers.


I was looking through the iPhone support forum for similar issues. Loooks like Apple is replace phones if this effect is not normal. Will I get a replacement from Authorized resellers? There is no way I could buy a new iPhone. And I need to get this fixed. This is really annoying sometimes.


Please suggest me a solution.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1