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Since updating both my iPhone 4 (16gb) and my New iPad (iPad 3 16gb wifi only) to the IOS 5.1.1 I've found a VERY large slowdown and at times freezing when requesting the operning of various types of apps.


Neither unit, the iPhone nor the iPad are low on memory (both have 2gb+ free still) and both units have had no running Apps to slow the process down...meaning that as routine I ensure that I double click the HOME button and close Apps that I'm not using.


There has been no jailbreaking or altering of either machine at any time as I'm super careful about things like that.


The Apps that I've tried to use varies from Facebook to Notes, there's also been a few minor games like AR Monsters, BoomChain, the new Infinity Blade two and when things seem to really go slow and freeze for upwards of 5-10 seconds is when I simply select my Home screen, as in click on the home button, when I try and open a small folder containing no more than 2 Apps and also when I try and access the 'double home button' click to shut Apps down, and have found non are running or when I've just clicked on a standard iPhone App like either GENERAL where all the general things are stored or simply Notes.


Both my units are in pretty much pristine condition, have NEVER suffered any knocks or scrapes nor have they been abused or miss-used at any time.


These freezing issues have come up almost to the minute of the new 5.1.1 update.


I am a 100% Apple loyal user and do understand that bugs pop up from time to time, this is why I'm asking opening if anyone else has found these issues to have arisen as I have since, in the last 4hrs, heard from a colleague of mine who has raised the same issues, though they have specifically stated that their screen and Apps freeze and went on to confirm similar if not near identical circumstances and App usage.


Please let me know if this is a wide problem or just the unlucky bug biting me in the butt.



Thanks guys.




iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, iPhone 4 (16gb) & iPad3 (16gb wifi)
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    Do a reset hold down the home/power button together until you see the apple logo and then release. Then wait for the device to boot back up.

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    Yes! Same here. I've also noticed significant battery drain since the update. I used to be able to go two or three days between iPad charges. I'd use it on and off during the day to check email and update tasks in Omnifocus and leave work with 75% charge remaining. Currently at 24%. Haven't read any books or watched any movies today. I'm not saying this is bad...could be within specs...but it is extremely different than my experience per ios 5.1.1.


    Also some apps see very sluggish now. Mail will open and seem to stall before I can select an item. I'll swipe two or three times before seeing the delete button. I'll swipe several times to scroll on a web page before getting a response. I did try a complete reboot (?) but I also noticed that the update procedure did that too.


    Hoping it is just a short term glitch. I was exciting about this since last weekend I drop from Milwaukee to Chicago on I-94 and it kept dropping the cell connection. Not switching from LTE to 3G but dropping it for 20 seconds and then reestablishing. It appeared this update was going to fix that. Perhaps it did by having the radio work overtime, hence draining the battery.

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    I'm having the exact same problem! My iPad 2 seems to be working great but my iPhone is freezing up really bad and there has been no alliteration, no "jailbreaking" of my phone. Everything was fine till I updated to 5.1.1 the update also stopped my video out cable from working, which was working just great before. Apple, please help!! I've done everything I can on my end, it's gotta be the update.

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    Basic troubleshooting steps clearly outlined in the User Guide are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as new device.


    If you've been through ALL of these steps and you still have problems, then you'll need to bring your phone into Apple for evaluation.

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       It sounds very similar to my issues though I only own the wi-fi only model of the new iPad.


    I've used my tablet every day since I've had it, which is now roughly 3-4 weeks, and it's been used heavily on each day. The battery drop page has been pretty uniform down to between 10-16% due to the brightness level and App heavy running I can see the reason for the regular recharging though for me it's still too early to tell if the 5.1.1 update has had a direct effect on my battery discharge. I'll be watching the battery issue closely to see if I can offer anything supportive on it.


    The sluggish App issue that you're seeing seems to be where we both meet on this current 5.1.1 matter and where I can constructively offer feedback so we can build a pattern of particular Apps that get used that show us common factors or series of requests that we're jointly making that might offer us a window into this, at the moment semi-minor problem.






       Yep, the shutting down and hard reboot of both systems is a great idea. I carried out this function once more yesterday after the initial upload and joint system reboot to see if it would have a defence on either machine but sadly not. That said, I have done this once more in the last 10 minutes to see if a clean sweep could have an effect

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    .....could have an effect on both of the units and I'll be monitoring them through the night and post if there's any improvement, though at the moment my phone does seem still somewhat slow and freeze'able.....I won't be making a final decision on that until tomorrow though as I don't wish to jump the gun.





       I'll keep an eye out for anything being posted elsewhere and will make sure you hear/see a copy also should anything come up in the way of solutions or general info.





       Yep, this may well be the case, though as in my case it's both of my units, one of which is a new iPad 3 less than 4 weeks old, it would likely be an offer of a replacement unit, again for my phone, but these issues, all be it semi-minor at the moment, have been timed down to the minute of the latest update. I do though completely understand that updates are incredibly complex and intricate things to work out and have complete faith in Apples willingness to look into and fix these issues but at the moment we're looking at an update that's less than a week old so unless things get to th point where the units bece unusable, to a considerable level, I'm going to monitor it and allow Apple to devise a solution to the as yet young problem.


    I have though reinstalled both my phone and this iPad which I'm typing on at this moment, as new devices a d the problem does seem to still persist but I genuinely appreciate your suggestion on the reinstalling as new items advice as its something that a lot might not consider.




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    Khurt Williams Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    meaning that as routine I ensure that I double click the HOME button and close Apps that I'm not using."


    No need to do that.  Those apps aren't running apps. That's just a list of the most recently used apps.  iOS automatically suspends or shutdowns apps that are not currently being used.

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    Let me wrap this up by giving you a quick summary:

    • If someone tells you that all the apps in the multitasking bar are running, using up memory or sucking power, they are wrong.
    • When you hit the home button, an app moves from Active to Background and quickly to the Suspended state where it no longer uses CPU time or drains power.
    • An app may request an additional 10 minutes of Background running to complete a big task before becoming Suspended.
    • If memory is becoming scarce, iOS will automatically move Suspended apps into the Not Running state and reclaim their memory.
    • Five classes of apps – audio, GPS, VOIP, Newsstand and accessory apps – and some built-in apps such as Mail may run indefinitely in the background until they complete their task.

    Put simply: you do not have to manage background tasks on iOS. The system handles almost every case for you and well written audio, GPS, VOIP, Newsstand and accessory apps will handle the rest.



    http://appadvice.com/appnn/2012/01/fact-or-myth-killing-apps-in-the-ios-multitas king-bar-boosts-performance

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    Mr Wiiliams-


       Thank you for letting me know that. I wasn't aware that the Apps are simply on a run-down and not using a minor amount of processing power to keep everything running in suspended operation for possible use.


    I monitor my Apps that request a constant location/update status and don't have enough in that state to effect, significantly, my CPU usage or battery amount, at least not enough to account for the slowdown in operation that I've been seeing, but I do think knowing that the Apps at we're last used aren't accountable for this issue is a decent thing to cross off the possible list.


    I think, at this moment, the battery issues aren't effecting either of my units but the slowdown and specific freeing is where my problems lie. I'll be monitoring all these problems as the time goes on but even after the hard reset yesterday I still have some Apps sporadically stalling/freezing and as such it still appears to be a 5.1.1 update byproduct/side effect but by now Apple techs will be looking into it.


    I'm a patient person and won't be calling an exorcist for my gremlins yet....^_^


    Thanks again for the clarification on the double home button clicking info.

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    Since first writing about my freezing issue, things have gotten much worse!! Random apps are closing, others are not opening and every other time I try to use my phone it reboots on its own. This has made my phone very difficult to use :(

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    You can add my name to the list of affected users. My iPhone 4's performance has been brutal after upgrading. Takes forever to start apps, apps that would launch instantly prior to updating. I decided to try doing a soft reset (settings only). Hopefully that will resolve it. I won't know until I use it more. I'll post back if I find success.

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    I also have been experiencing very unstable and sluggish behavior with my iPhone 4 and iPad 3rd gen since the latest update.  Apps crash alot, especially the camera app or apps that use the camera.


    I had completely powered down and restarted many times to no avail.


    After being at a graduation on Saturday and struggling with the camera app freezing and crashing, I finally force quit all the apps and reset the phone.  I know many people will say this doesn't matter, but it worked for me.  No issues since Saturday.


    Yesterday, my new iPad kept crashing while using my concur app for entering expenses.  Usually this happened when taking a picture of a receipt with the concur app.  I finally force quit all the apps and reset.  I was able to continue for several hours after this without issue.


    Again, I hesitated to share this because I know people smarter than me will say it should not matter, but when it worked for my iPad also, I was compelled to share.



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    Phil Ruff-


       The issues you've had are the ones we're looking into, so don't worry, they matter, especially with you actually telling us which Apps are crashing. It'll allow us to see a pattern of which types of Apps, if it were the case, that are effected....example being your mentioning the ones associated with your camera function.


    As it stands, it's 'nearly' a given that it's not a particular set of Apps that a being effected, as in ones that try and use the location software built into the phone or the iPad, but that it's an issue directly related to the management of Apps, as in they're crashing or prematurely ending without notice. The other patterned issue us the slowing and freezing of a broader range of Apps. That one u haven't heard anything back about yet so your guess is mine, though the management side of the software is a good place to start.


    The main thing is its effecting multiple pieces of hardware. iPhone's : 3GS, 4 & 4S, all 3 series of iPad.


    At the moment they're looking at a fix before next months IOS6 proposed update.


    We're all waiting for anything official to be posted about a date for any official fix.

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    Phil, I understand your hesitation in posting that.  I'll step up to admit that I just did the same on my new iPad and it seems to have at least temporarily fixed my problem.  The most recent problem has been sluggish behavior in mail. I'd have to swipe a message two or three times for the delete bar to appear. Messages wouldn't show in the preview window for at least 10 seconds after the title had been selected. Mail appeared to freeze and then thaw. Restarts didn't help. But...removing every app from the fast swiping bar followed by a restart seems to have done the trick.


    By the way, I thought a complete restart was supposed to remove everything from the task bar. Perhaps that changed in some iOS update.  I manually closed all of them. The fastest method I found was to start tapping from right to left instead of from left to right. That way I could quickly go down the line and by the time I got to the left edge, a new set of app icons had drifted into place. Going from left to right required me to wait for things to settle before closing the next app.

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