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I bought a brand new macbook pro two weeks ago. My battery is already 5 cycles old and in the power section of the system information, reports the battery with 5569mAh of capacity and 5678mAh of design capacity. Should I worry about this? Is this normal or should I contact Apple Care to replace my macbook pro battery? Other question regarding the battery: my Lion shows me 98% of full battery while the magsafe shows me the green light. Is that normal?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Yes, it is not unusual for a new battery to require a few cycles to "settle in" and reach full capacity. In order to reduce wear and tear on the battery, the charging cycle won't start until the battery is down to 95% or less.


    You may want to amble over to the App Store and download the free Battery Health utility, which will give you oodles of info on your battery and tips on its best use, far beyond the cut & dried numbers found in the System Profiler.

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    Everytime you use your battery you will consume a little of its fuel, just like your cars gas tank it is quite normal to have a little less left after each 'journey'


    Don't discharge your battery below 15% often, don't discharge to 0% at all if you can avoid it. Use it on the AC supply whenever you can (but not all of the time), don't let it get really cold or really hot, that's about it.

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    ok, thanks for the answers. actually when I did the upgrade to Lion 10.7.4 the battery seems to working well and lion finally shows me the right information. now my battery, with 8 cycles, has 5689 mAh of both design and current capacity (wich sounds pretty normal for me). by the way, battery health utility is a nice app.

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    Here is official Apple information on batteries that you always wanted to know, or didn't, about notebook batteries: