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I receive mail no problem but can't send mail on my new iphone 4S. I've gone into the Outgoing Mail Server tab / Primary Server. I entered the host name, user name, password, use SSL "on", authentication set to password, server port 26 as it is set in my outlook in my PC. . . . . . .press done and a few seconds later I get a check mark on all categories and it says "account verified". . . . . . . .but always get the text below when I try to send mail.


Cannot Send Mail: A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient "______________.com" was rejected by the server.


I've tried different ports, turning off the SSL, a colon and port number after the host name, turning off primary server and used the same settings in "other SMTP servers", updated phone to 5.1.1, and many other things. . . .still no outgoing mail. Verizon is my ISP and I use Surpass Hosting as an email hosting service.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    If anyone cares, after no help here, a very dissapointing call to Apple tech support which left me with far less hope, and no clues from my email host, I figured I was on my own. I deleted my email account and re-entered it as an IMAP instead of POP3 and everything is working now. Just took a shot in the dark and got lucky.


    With so many clients having the same "no outgoing mail" issue, I would think Apple would have be better prepared with support for this problem. This "support" community is literally filled with iphone "cannot send mail" posts.

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    Not seeing how this is apple fault.   Apple provides the phone but you choose which email account to use, if it's not working then you contact your email provider to resolve the problem.

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    Not claiming this is all Apple's fault, but I was getting a check marks on every category and an "account verified" on my outgoing server settings so my email provider didn't know what else to do after that. This "no outgoing mail" problem is a common issue that hundreds of clients are dealing with. This is Apple's product and in my opinion, with so many frustrated clients they could have been a lot more knowledgeable and helpful in this area.

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    Apple's product.  But they don't control the email accounts that you use.  I had a user having similar issue with a comcast server not being able to send email.  I didn't contact apple to resolve the issue, I called Comcast since the user was using a comcast account.

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    I am having the same problem since I updated to iOS 5.1.1 on my iPhone. I have an AOL account. I tried the fixes that were previously published, (I didn't need to make any changes, but tried to redo them anyway), but this did not resolve the problem. Is there a way of going back to 5.1 ?

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    I found a solution for my ipod:


    Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    Select the email account

    Go to SMTP   smpt.xxxx.com>


    Select Primary Server

    Enter the User Name and Password