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I need to create a newsletter to be opened electronically by 200 people most of whom will be on PCs.


I have infact already designed the newsletter on Pages but have run into several problems which I am now willing to put down to experience and perhaps start again.


I strongly suspect that  I may be better off doing the whole thing on Word but before I give up on Pages I wanted to get your opinions first.


Converting Pages to Word

I have discovered that the text gets lost when converted to a Word document and the photo alignment changes. Is this inevitable?


Large file sizes

I have used collages of photos as background images and this causes huge file sizes which wont email  unless I compress the file size and then the quality of the image is quite poor which is something i would like to avoid. Is there a way to compress the photos before using them?

If the photos were compressed before i used them in the newsletter would this make the document convert to word in a complete way or will i still run into problems there?


Blank WP pages

I need to avoid the creation of "blank" pages in the document. I understand that they are not truly "blank" but still I want to avoid creating them next time.


Is Word better for my purposes?

or is there another software package that is more user friendly for the job requirements here?


Finally before I totally sack the last huge document m daughter suggested taking screen shots of each page, would this reduce final file size?


Many Thanks in advance for your advice




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    The best format to use that is platform-independent is PDF.


    Start with pre-processing your images in an image editor to make them the size you'll use in Pages. This will greatly reduce the file size. Then try the export settings of good, better & best to see the effect on image quality & file size. You can also try using the reduce file size quartz filter in Preview.


    Personally I wouldn't use Word for any thing, especially for DTP.



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    I would suggest you forget about converting your newsletter to Word. A simple document usually converts satisfactorily, but the more complex it gets, the less accurate it is. When your document is completed, convert it to PDF at a size that will email. Your PC users can open them.


    I would  suggest you get something like Photoshop Elements to edit and size your photos before inserting into Pages. I get good results when I resize hem close to what the finished size will be in Pages and at 250 ppi. I then save them as PNG files (which allows me to make further adjustments and sharpening in Pages — using Adjust Images). They maintain a satisfactory resolution when compressed in a PDF.


    In Pages, I prefer using Layout mode and Text Boxes (linked, when necessary). All images and objects are Floating and with Wrap on or off as needed. I drag them around and position them  as I please. Also, if I (or my collaborator) wants to change the page order, it’s very simple to move the thumbnail since each page is a separate section. (No blank pages here and there either.)


    You will probably get conflicting advice — many posters in this forum dislike Layout mode. This is what works for me. You will have to decide what works for you.


    Best wishes for a successful newsletter.



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    Thank you both for your comments, much appreciated.

    Walt I do actually have photoshop so will try your suggestions. When you say "I would forget about converting to Word" do you mean that  converting it to a pdf is all I need to do for PC users?

    To be totally clear here, are you both agreeing that by using a photo editor to reduce the file sizes I will be able to convert successfully to pdf?

    Can either of you suggest a good photoshop for mac forum?

    Many Thanks again


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    When I say "forget about Word' that is exactly what I mean. You don't need it. Convert your Pages document to PDF and email the PDF file.



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    Yes, exporting as a PDF from Pages & sending that PDF is all you need to do for Mac or PC, maybe even Linux, users. You don't need to use a photo editor to "successfully" create a PDF. I suggested using a photo editor to pre-process the images to reduce the file size.


    Adobe has their own forums for their various products.



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    I agree with all that's been said so far. Using layout in Pages is convenient and more accurate for text and photo placement. Plus editing your images in Photoshop, for example, and then either dragging them or importing them is one way to go. I've found, however, that if I start with large enough images and then just reduce the photo size in Pages (by dragging on one of the handles) or if I use the image mask feature to zero in on the part of the image I want to display, that works fine and saves me the step of going through an external image editor.


    Once you have your finished document in Pages (layout) you can then create a Reduce File size copy (which I typically give another name) and Export to PDF using either the Good, Better, and Best options. The PDF can be emailed to your PC users and it will open easily on their handicapped machines. Before you do this you can inspect the quality of the different versions you've created to see whether the photos have been compromised.


    I follow this procedure every month with my 50-page newsletter which has a variety of photos and graphics, and they typically look great and are opened easily by the PC users who are members of our Network. One tip, though. If you use Preview to examine the PDF version it will likely look better than if you use Adobe (Reader or Acrobat). This can give you a slightly false impression of what the will look like on a PC because most PC people use the free Acrobat Reader to open their PDF files.

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    Thanks very much indeed Rey, Peggy and walt. I am building up to redoing it and when i do will follow your suggestions.

    Have a good day everyone