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Dear all, greetings, I did not mean to offend anyone by typing all my texts in capital letters, I am just used to it and at my age (63) it is better and easier for my eyes to type all the texts in my messages in capital letters.I do apologize about it all. I can assure you that I do respect all of you more that you maight me thinking of. i have the same difficulties in typing in small letters like yours in reading texts in CAPITAL letters.......tant pis, c' est la vie


For web and computing experts I would like to remind them that all the peoples nowadays have the same needs (or hobbies if you wish) regarding the electronic devices, web, compouters, softwares and that sort of thing.


If I WERE not to have technical support because of my prefiously used capital letters in me text messages, I have to confess that next time I will be more carefull about the devices producers........ I live and always learn (SOCRATES, girasko, aei didaskomenos)


Two questions


1. I noticed on the you tube videos about the new ipad that the main icons are more than mine (i.e. the icon of facebook and a number or others are missing)


2. I would like to ask you to do me a favour, thanks for your patiene. Still I have not understood how (in which way, the pictures, transfered from my system or new taken by the ipad camera are uploaded directly to the FaceBook. I suppose that I will not have the same difficulties regarding the videos to both Facebook AND YoutTube. Thanks a lot for your patience with me, from now on I will be more carefull about posting messages to you referring to technical support




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