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I have a 5th generation Airport Extreme. I have attached a powered USB hub and external USB drive.

This works great within my home network to stream movies and provide file storage.


My Attempt To Provide Internet Access

I have setup port forwarding under the Advanced tab as follows:

Public TCP Port: 5566

Public UDP Port: 5566

Priviate IP address: Note: This is the IP address of the router.

Priviate TCP Port: 548

Private UDP Port: 548


I have a disk password that I have shared with an external user but when he trys to access from a Windows machine via:




he is not asked for a user name and password.

What is wrong with what I have setup here?


NOTE: Under Disks and the File Sharing tab I have enabled Share disks over WAN


Here is what I followed:

  1. Start the AirPort Utility > Select the AEBSn, and then, note the IP address shown. (Note: 1) This should be your Public IP address assigned to your router by your ISP. 2) Most consumer-grade ISPs will provide you with a Dynamic Public IP address; one that changes within a range of IP addresses that the ISP "owns." You will need to know your current address in order to access your router. To make this easier, you may want to consider using a Dynamic DNS service, like DynDNS. This type of service will "keep track" of your dynamic Public IP address and will provide you with a URL that you would use instead.)
  2. Select Manual Setup.
  3. Verify that Connection Sharing = Share a public IP address is selected on the Internet > Internet Connection tab.
  4. Select Disks, and then, select File Sharing.
  5. Verify that both the "Enable file sharing" and "Share disks over WAN" options are enabled.
  6. Verify that Secure Shared Disks = With a disk password. (Recommended)
  7. Verify that AirPort Disks Guest Access = Not allowed. (Recommended)
  8. Select Advanced, and then, select the Port Mapping tab.
  9. Click the plus sign to add a new port mapping.
  10. For Service, select the "Personal File Sharing" option. (Note: This option would only allow Mac clients to access the AirPort Disks. If you want both Macs and PCs to connect, you would need to leave this field at its default value and enter the appropriate SMB ports to the mix of ports to be opened.)
  11. In the Public UDP Port(s) and Public TCP Port(s) boxes, type in a 4-digit port number (e.g., 8888) that you choose. In the Private IP Address box, type the internal IP address of your AEBSn that you wrote down in step 1. In the Private UDP Port(s) and Private TCP Port(s) boxes, type 548. Click Continue.
  12. In the Description box, type a descriptive name like "AirPort Disk File Sharing," and then, click Done.
  13. Click on Update.


What is meant within Step 10. "leave this field at its default value and enter the appropriate SMB ports to the mix of ports to be opened"?

Thanks to anyone for your help.


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