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When trying to install quicktime for windows, I receive the error "The folder path 'Program Files (x86)' contains an invalid character."  How can I get past this error and install Quicktime?

Windows 7
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    I'd try the following user tip with that one:


    "not a valid short file name" and "invalid character" install errors

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    Hi B Noir,


    Unfortunately I tried both of those methods already a while ago and neither worked.  I suspected it was some corruption in my registry, as I noticed a few other oddities within my Windows system (such as seeing folders or files deleted in Windows explorer not appearing to be deleted until after I manually refreshed the window).  Since I couldn't isolate the particular registry problem, the only thing I had left to do was to reformat my OS drive.  I did that, and it seems to have fixed the problem, as I have now installed quicktime without issue.


    Sorry for anyone else looking for a simpler, less destructive solution, but reformatting really isn't all that bad as long as you properly back up what you need...