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I have spoken to Apple (several levels)....they sent me here.  They said you were smarter.  I had moment of insanity this morning...


I decided that I would drag my Time Capsule icon that appears after back-up of my computer and place it on the Launchpad icon on the dock.


If you are now off the floor from laughing, any ideas?  I would conservatively say it safe to estimate my number pages of icons is over 200...I lost count.



Any help or well wishes returning to PC ownership are welcome.  I have re-installed Lion.  The following is about my new iMac415IDIOTX.jpg

If you need additional information or advice destroying your iMac in 5 seconds....my email is my signature@msn.  I am sure I violated 10,000 forum rules but this hour #14 of this so I ask for dispensatiion in advance.




I have pretty thick skin...no mom insults. 



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Hall of Fame dumb things....
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    Thanks for all of the advice (sarcasim) but some at Apple helped me and fixed it in two minutes.   You should call them....they had an easy solution.


    I would not recommend doing this...becasue I had 409 pages in my launchpad.   Everyone, no matter how good you are has problems.  They are computers, something is going to happen. 


    I should have known better than to ask for help in a forum....where the rules are more important than actually helping people (surprising that Apple uses the same rule a Microsoft)


    The rules for this forum are pretty standard... I guess after trying the whole day spent on getting some help...I took a shot and broke the rules.  Wow, that is kind of what Apple's company philosophy is...take risk and think different.