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My wife wiped out her Contacts info..and probably the other iCloud stuff, last night.  She was trying to stop some kind of Notifications coming in while she is playing Word With Friends she thinks.  When she got up this morning she noticed she had no contact info on her MAC, her iPad or her iPhone.


I came home, and not sure what she may have wiped out, I did a restore from back-up (from Time Machine), and picked Saturday's back-up.  When restarted the PC, I noticed that her contacts were back .... while it continued to load pages up (I think she has quite a few apps loading up on launch).  Anyway, by the time it finished rebooting up and i closed all the pages, her Contact info was gone again.  I decided it was because she still had iCloud set up in her Preferences, and thought that since iCloud is now blank, it over0-wrote the back-up I had just put together.  So I unchecked all of the iCloud synching on preferences, and redid the backup, hoping that this time the Contacts would be back, and that it would not attempt to synch with a blank iCloud.  If it works...how do I load up iCloud with what will now be on the MAC?   Then I can let her resynche her iPhone iPad, and get the Contacts back on them.  After that I will go back to the Preferences and re-check the iCloud synching.   Can I get some feedback on this please?   Thanks,

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)