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i was coffee with a little bit of creamer in it. the computer turned off the instant it happened and I immediately turned the keyboard area upside down so as much liquid as possible would come out. I'm afraid to do anything else to it for fear of making it worse. It's only 6 months old and I cannot afford a new one. Any suggestions?

MacBook Air
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    Don't risk trying to do it yourself. Take it to a (friendly) Apple service centre as they can remove the battery etc. before it fries your logic board.

    If you can't afford that and still want to have a go, then remove the base and unplug the battery, then gently clean out the Mac and let it completely dry out, before attempting to power it back on.

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    The Macbook Air comes with a one year warranty and your macbook air is only 6 months old... Take it to a retail shop or apple store.

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    I did the exact same thing just last week.  After attempting to clean it up, the keyboard quit responding.  I immediately shut it down and took it to the nearest Apple store.  Since it was only a couple of months old it was still under warranty.  I explained to the tech what happened - they sent it in, replaced the keyboard - free of charge!  Mabye I got lucky with the free repair, but was honest about the spillage.  I think since it was just the keyboard it was cheap enough for them to fix without charging me - at least that's what the tech thought.  Anyway, I got mine fixed for free.  Good luck.