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Hello. I have an audio podcast in the iTunes Store that is hosted on MobileMe and published via iWeb. I also have my own custom domain (www.mattplay.com). I have signed up with SquareSpace to be my new website host and I have allready pointed my domain to the new SquareSpace site. My iWeb site will still be up until Apple terminates it. I have created my new podcast page at SquareSpace and have a new RSS feed with my custom domain that I hope to redirect my existing subscribers to. I also hope that all of my subscribers can be redirected to the new feed before MobileMe is gone in a few weeks.


Old iWeb/MobileMe feed (still active in iTS): http://www.mattplay.com/Matt_Play/Podcast/rss.xml

New SquareSpace feed to for iTS and subscribers to be redirected to: http://www.mattplay.com/podcast/rss.xml


1 - Is there a simple way for me to redirect the iTS and my subscribers?


2 - Do I need to publish a new podcast while my old feed is still active for the changes to take effect?


3 - Do I need to take any extra steps to also update my new comments feed? http://www.mattplay.com/podcast/rss-comments.xml


Thanks so much in advance for helping out. I have researched this some but have not been able to find the answer to all of the above questions.

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    Hi Matt,


    First up while Square space is a good place to move your website - they are not going to be a good podcast host for you - they have a limit for media files of 20 MB per file.  So you will need a 3rd party in addition to Squarespace for your media file hosting.  Such as libsyn.com - which Squarespace recommends.


    Per redirecting your RSS feed - first you need to make sure your current feed works - which it does not appear to.






    So first get your old feed working correctly.


    Then get your new feed set up correctly on your new host - once the new feed is working - edit your original feed to add in the iTunes new feed tag pointing to the new feed.


    To get to your original feed look for the xml file on iDisk download and edit with text edit.  Make sure to save as a .xml file and not as an RTF file.


    Then reupload and overwrite the origianl file.


    Good luck.


    Rob W

    podCast411 / libsyn

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    Thank Robert.


    I actually asked SquareSpace to raise my file limit to 150MB and they did!


    Does this transition require both feeds to be operable at the same time?


    My old feed was working correctly, however I have already redirected my mattplay.com domain to SquareSpace, which I imagine is what is causing the old feed not to work now.


    Maybe I changed the domain direction too soon but I thought my new feed needed to be based on mattplay.com rather than mattplay.squarespace.com (which would be default without redirecting the domain)


    Do I need to direct my domain back to my MobileMe site now? Sorry I am confused but thanks for your help!

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    Your iTunes Store page is looking for a feed at




    There is no file at this address: and both http://www.mattplay.com/podcast/rss.xml and http://www.mattplay.com/podcast/rss-comments.xml are bringing up 'you do not have permission' errors.


    In order to move iTunes to the new feed (when it's working) you have to add a tag to the original feed and leave it there for two weeks. Obviously this means you have to have access to the original feed at the original URL. The method is described here:




    The comments facility in an iWeb website will not work anywhere other than on MobileMe.

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    Thank you Roger, Im getting closer to understanding.


    However, I am still confused how I can accomplish this as you state with my custom domain involved, because my feed location changes when my domain is pointed to either host.


    I gather that I need to point my domain back to my MobileMe site to get my old feed working once again. Therefor the 'mattplay.com' part of my original feed will work and the iTS will be able to find my feed at http://www.mattplay.com/Matt_Play/Podcast/rss.xml. The original feed is still sitting in the same location on my iDisk but is now not accessable via 'mattplay.com' but only the default MobileMe folder url hirachy.


    Yet this is where I am confused... Once I point my domain back to MobileMe, my new feed at SquareSpace will by default change back to http://www.mattplay.squarespace.com/podcast/rss.xml. So if I then submit that feed to the iTS to get it working, plus I type that feed into my old rss, wouldnt the new feed stop working later, after I redirect my domain back to SquareSpace? Because it would then change my new podcast feed back to being http://www.mattplay.com/podcast/rss.xml again.


    Am I making sense?


    Also I think the reason my new feeds currently are bringing up 'you do not have permission' errors is that I currently have acces to the podcast page restricted while I have my site 'under construction'


    Thanks in advance.

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    What it boils down to is that you need to provide a stable URL for the new feed, then you need to make the old feed available at the original URL and add the tag.


    I would expect that whether you redirect your domain to SquareSpace or to MobileMe that the actual SquareSpace URL will continue to work, and it is that which you should redirect iTunes to, not the domain version.


    Once all this is done and stable, you can always redirect iTunes to the domain version (the fact that the redirection tag will still appear, now redirecting to itself, won't matter).

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    Thanks for your explanation Roger! Your assistance in this forum is very much appreciated!


    In order for me to provide a stable URL to redirect the old feed to, does the new feed URL need to actually be submitted via iTS 'submit podcst', or is just accessable okay? How should I test to be sure it is ready?


    Does the new feed URL ever need to actually be submitted to the iTS via 'submit podcast', or does entering the redirect tag in the old feed take care of that all together?


    Since my old feed was submiited to the iTS using my custom domain, I imagine I should also leave this domain pointed to MobileMe for 2 weeks, correct?


    Thanks a lot!

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    Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9 (65,525 points)

    You don't have to re-submit the feed, just place the redirection tag in the feed iTunes is currently using, redirecting to the new feed. You will need to leave the domain redirected to MobileMe for a couple of weeks, and use the actual SquareSpace URL to redirect to.

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    Thanks a lot... Now I have a full understanding of the entire process, I really appreciate your assistance!