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Hi kids. Newbie in da house!


I'm a solo keyboard guy with the Steve Jobs Software Band accompanying him. The SJSB has been on MP3, and I'm looking to upgrade them to MainStage-able functionality. I'm enjoying MainStage as a way of substituting my MacBook Pro for a rack of heavy Triton, Motif & Fantom modules. I've experienced some CPU overload, had my 1/8" plug come out of the Macbook while performing live, and generally walked the walk after hearing the talk. I've solved a lot of issues, but MP3 playback is my next big question.


Is there any way to easily convert my Garage-band-generated MP3's to CAF's or AIFF's? As you veterans know, GarageBand exports AAC's & MP3's. Do I need to get Logic to do this? Will an off-the-web conversion program work? A lot of my accompaniment is on MP3, and some is not accessable thru GarageBand anymore (short version, back up often!), so I'm looking for an MP3 to CAF/AIFF shortcut, instead of re-recording the entire SJSB repetoire. Also, if someone could step me thru how to assign a new channel strip to use my Axiom start-stop buttons to run said MP3/CAF/AIFF, I'd be grateful.


I did read this on a previous post:


...one other option is to not to use the Playback plugin but instead use the iTunes functionality within Mainstage.


Set up a Playlist with your songs in iTunes, then in Mainstage create patches for each song and match the patch name(s) with the iTunes song name. Then map a function using the "iTunes - Patch Track of Set (or Concert)" which will play the song in iTunes with that same patch name, that way you can also play MP3 files.


Just found this, haven't tried it. What say you, veteran sages? Should this work? TIA for any and all suggestions. - KCnoTek


Note: The Steve Jobs Software Band is not a registered trademark, or anything really, except a smart-alek phrase I just thought up. Please don't sue, as I'm just a broke musician anyway.

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