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I purchased a reconditioned Ipod 5th Gen Video Classic for my parents in November and have been having issues with it.  My father has just fitted a new stero to his vehicle and when he connect the ipod to its dock port (not headphoen aux jack) it plays the songs for a bit then disconnects.  Its driving me bonkers.  We have tried 2 iphones and another ipod in his car and they remain connected and work fine.


I took it to the Apple store yesterday and saw someone from the Genius Bar who checked it and said they cold find no fault. He said maybe to try a Griffin to USB connector but not sure how that works as I dont have a USB port?


Since then I have put it into my own vehicle and it did the same in mine.  Now I'm scratching my head.  I appreciate its not a really expensive present but I feel so bad as they have fitted this new stero in anticipation of an ipod and they are disappointed.


Can anyone give me some advice or do I just bing it ?