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I have a bazillion addresses in my address book.  I have a bunch of sub lists:


business contacts


work contacts


neighborhood contacts


gluten free contacts


I just made the gluten free contacts list this morning.  I distribute a list of gluten free restaurants for all of Cape Cod to people that email me off a blog for it.  Every time I update the GF list I send the update out to the people that have previously gotten the full list.



So I went and made a contact card for each person that has requested the list.  It just contains their name and email address.  Then I put all of those contacts into the group I made called "gluten free contacts". 


So I try to send an update out to them.  I do what I do for the other email groups I have.  I right click on the group, I choose "send email to gluten free contacts" and an email pops up that SHOULD have all their names in it.  That is how it works for every other group I have.  I tested all the other groups they work fine.


However; this new group when I right click and choose "send email to gluten free contacts" it just says in the To: line "gluten free contacts" but there is not a single contact listed.  When I try to send it (thinking they might be hidden somehow) Mail tells me that "gluten free contacts" is not a valid email.


So can some help me?  Why is it that every other group I have I can send a group email to and this new one won't work.  I've been playing with this for over and hour and still it won't work.  Am I missing some important step or is my Address Book not working. 


Thanks so much for ANY help.



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